Date(s) - Saturday, October 5, 2019
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

A 2 Person event with a twist.  Par 5’s are played in a traditional scramble format.  Par 4’s are a 2-Person Net Best Ball.  Par 3’s  – We count both Net scores from your team.

Pick your partner or we will find one for you.

Guests are welcome.

Tee Times

Scrumble Sat Oct 5      
Tee Times
111:21Gerber, Tim112:33Brown, Dave
111:21Shoemaker, Steve112:33Martino, Chris
111:21Schoppenhorst, James112:33Peterson, Jason
111:21Serie, David112:33Widstrom, Mike
111:30Johnson, Kelly A112:42Reed, Tony
111:30Zieminski, Julie112:42Zeman, Frank
111:30Bruss, Thomas112:42Small, Terry
111:30Simmons, Tamii112:42Sobiech, David
111:39Haas, David112:51Corneil, Cheri
111:39Fandrich, Jim112:51Stifter, Travis
111:39Peterson, Thomas112:51Spetz, Jeff
111:39Hauck, Pete112:51Templin, Charly
111:48Mack, Jeremiah
111:48Chaput, Greg
111:48Lewison, Chris
111:48Lewison, Scott
111:57Moehling, Scott
111:57Beckey, Greg
111:57Peterson, Eric
111:57Ullen, Brett
112:06Soderquist, Dan
112:06Hanratty, Emmet
112:06Lanctot, Bill
112:06Korosec, John
112:15Axelson, Joseph
112:15Axelson, Wally
112:15Longnecker, Dennis
112:15Sabot, Roger
112:24Bakken, Todd
112:24Johnson, Kurt
112:24Sorenson, Christian
112:24Peyer, Joe

Already Registered

There are currently 18 available spaces out of 60 total spaces.

  • Joe Axelson
  • Wally Axelson
  • Cheri Corneil
  • Jason Peterson
  • Dave Ulve
  • Scott Moehling
  • Joe Peyer
  • Greg Beckey
  • Steve Ellefsen
  • Christian Sorenson
  • Mary Shoemaker
  • Dave Brown
  • Steve Girouard
  • Scott Lewison
  • Brian Siverson-Hall
  • Michael Widstrom
  • Todd Bakken
  • Dave Sobiech
  • Dennis Longnecker
  • Travis Stifter
  • Jeff Woodward
  • Terry Small
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Greg Chaput
  • Jeremiah Mack
  • Dan Soderquist
  • Theresa Barry
  • Eric Peterson
  • Chris Martino
  • Brett Ullen
  • Kurt Johnson
  • Frank Zeman
  • Roger Sabot
  • Tamii Simmons
  • Tim Gerber
  • Dr. Tom Bruss
  • Bill Lanctot
  • Tom Peterson
  • Tony Reed
  • Jim Fandrich
  • Peter Hauck
  • Jim Schoppenhorst


Reservations are closed for this tournament.